Carolina Treet Recipe

This is a recipe for a traditional Carolina Treet, a Southern dish made with pork and sweet potatoes. The pork is cooked in a slow cooker with onions, garlic, and seasonings, then shredded and mixed with mashed sweet potatoes. The mixture is spread into a baking dish and topped with a brown sugar and pecan streusel.

It’s baked until hot and bubbly, then served with a dollop of sour cream on top.

This Carolina Treet Recipe is a classic Southern dish that is sure to please any crowd! Made with simple ingredients like pork, chicken, and vegetables, this dish is full of flavor and easy to make. Serve it over rice or grits for a complete meal.

Carolina Treet Recipe


What is Carolina Sauce Made Of?

Carolina sauce is a type of barbecue sauce that is popular in the southeastern United States. It is made from a combination of vinegar, ketchup, mustard, and spices. The exact ingredients and proportions vary depending on the region and the cook.

Some versions of Carolina sauce are also made with mayonnaise or Worcestershire sauce.

Is Carolina Treet Vinegar Based?

No, Carolina Treet is not vinegar based. It is made with a blend of spices, sugar and oil.

Where is Carolina Treet Made?

Carolina Treet is a line of barbecue sauces, marinades, and rubs that are produced by the company, Goodson Pecan Company, in Hildebran, North Carolina. The company was founded in 2006 by brothers-in-law Steve Goodson and Greg Pecan. The two men started making their sauces in small batches in their home kitchens and selling them at local farmers markets.

They soon outgrew their home production facilities and moved into a commercial kitchen. Today, Carolina Treet produces a variety of different products including sauces, marinades, rubs, and even gift baskets. All of their products are made using only the highest quality ingredients and are produced in small batches to ensure freshness.

Their goal is to provide their customers with the best possible product at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a delicious barbecue sauce or marinade that is produced locally in North Carolina, be sure to check out Carolina Treet!

Who Invented Carolina Treet Bbq Sauce?

There are a few different origin stories for Carolina Treet BBQ sauce, but the most commonly accepted one is that it was created by Harwood Cochrane in 1938. Cochrane was a barbecue restaurant owner in South Carolina, and he created the sauce as a way to differentiate his restaurant’s barbecue from others in the area. The sauce quickly became popular, and it is now one of the most iconic sauces associated with Southern barbecue.

Carolina Treet Chicken Wings / Workin Wednesday Style …

Carolina Treet Website

The Carolina Treet website is a great resource for information about trees in North and South Carolina. The site includes a variety of topics, including tree identification, planting and care, tree removal, and tree preservation. There is also a section on the history of trees in the Carolinas, as well as a photo gallery.

Carolina Treet Potatoes

Carolina Treet Potatoes are a type of potato that is native to the Carolinas. They are a starchy, white potato that has a slightly nutty flavor. Carolina Treet Potatoes are typically small in size and have smooth, thin skin.

Carolina Treet Potatoes are grown in sandy soil and require full sun to thrive. They are typically planted in the spring and harvested in the fall. Carolina Treet Potatoes can be boiled, mashed, or roasted and make an excellent addition to any meal.

Carolina Treet Ingredients

If you’re looking for a unique tree to add to your landscape, consider the Carolina treet Its scientific name is Torreya taxifolia, and it’s also known as the stinking cedar or Florida torreya. This evergreen tree is native to the southeastern United States, and it has a pyramidal shape with a narrow crown. The Carolina treet is an unusual tree because of its fragrant leaves and cones.

The leaves have a lemon-scented smell, and the cones smell like pineapple when they’re crushed. The Carolina treet grows best in full sun and well-drained soil. It’s tolerant of drought and salt spray, so it’s a good choice for coastal areas.

This tree doesn’t require much pruning, but you can trim it to shape if desired. The Carolina treet is hardy in zones 6-9. If you’re looking for something different for your yard, the Carolina treet may be just what you’re looking for!

Carolina Treet Copycat Recipe

When I was younger, my family would always go out to eat at this little Carolina Treet restaurant. The food was amazing, and the service was even better. My favorite thing on the menu was their copycat recipe.

It tasted just like the real thing, and I could never get enough of it! Now that I’m older and don’t have as much time to go out to eat, I decided to try and recreate this dish at home. And let me tell you, it was a success!

This copycat recipe is spot-on, and it will definitely satisfy your cravings for Carolina Treet food. The best part about this dish is that it’s so easy to make. You don’t need any special ingredients or equipment, just a few simple items that you probably already have in your kitchen.

So what are you waiting for? Give this recipe a try tonight!


This recipe is for a Carolina Treet, which is a type of sweet and sour pork dish. The pork is marinated in a mixture of vinegar, sugar, and spices, then fried until crispy. The dish is served with rice and a side of vegetables.

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